A Giveaway for Your Chardonnay: Updated!

Welcome to Fighting Off Frumpy's brand-spanking-new "Reviews and Giveaways" page! I've really meant to debut it for quite a while now. But as you know, I've been extremely busy doing the following:
- Cleaning up messes
- Wiping butts
- Putting up Christmas decorations (again, and again, and again, because Cameron won't stay out of the ornaments)
- Wrapping Christmas presents
- Keeping the kids out of the Christmas presents
- Saving the planet by not shaving
- Trying not to go insane before I'm 30

And, of course, all sorts of other stuff so awesome it need not be mentioned here. *snort*

Anyway, I am pleased to announce that CSN Stores has generously offered to let me gift one of my lucky readers with this beautiful set of wineglasses!

*waiting while you ooh, ahh and gasp. 'Cause you know you want these.*

If you're the winner, you'll receive a set of 4 Ravenscroft Crystal Invisibles Chardonnay glasses. I would describe them myself, but my frequent usage of "y'all," "like," and "totally" like, totally won't do them justice, y'all. So here's what a better writer someone else had to say about these gorgeous glasses:

Chardonnay begs for a smaller bowl than the classic red wines of the world. High alcohol, oak-driven and lower acid wines like Chardonnay require a glass like the Invisibles Chardonnay glass, which is designed to soften these attributes and accent the velvet soft mouth feel and dense fruit of this noble grape. The tall chimney directs wine away from the sides of your tongue to buffer bitter and sour flavors. The pulled stem and delicate whisper-light weight provide a seamless hand and mouth-feel, while the long stem isolates contents from hand warmth, keeping your favorite Chardonnay cool! Hand crafted with a beautiful silhouette, once you have experienced this brilliant lead-free glass you will be forever seduced.

Wanna find out more about your potential prize? Check them out here for features, specifications and info about Ravenscroft and their "pure, clean crystal." (I love that phrase. It makes me want to propose a toast.)

Of course, nobody says you have to drink Chardonnay to appreciate these babies. I'm not a Chardonnay fan myself - but I would feel, like, Martha Stewart-proper and Audrey Hepburn-chic drinking my chocolate milk out of such a pretty glass.

Yeah, I love me some chocolate milk. What?

Anyway, in order to win this sweet shiz, you've got to enter. And here's how:

- Follow my blog
- Leave a comment on this post telling me how amazing I am that you'd like to WIN!

Ta-da! That's it! Feel like an extra entry or two? Then do this:

- Follow me on Twitter, AND/OR ...
- Tweet about the giveaway - or about Fighting Off Frumpy in general - and let me know in a comment on this post

So get to entering, peeps - and tell your friends! The winner will be announced here on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18TH.

Best of luck, everyone! :)

UPDATE: And the winner of the wineglasses is ...
Glitter Text Generator

Congratulations Mama B! And if we ever meet, you owe me a glass of Moscato, even if they are Chardonnay glasses.

Or some chocolate milk would be fine too. ;)

Thanks for playing, you guys! I have a reeeeeeally fun giveaway coming up soon - I love it and I bet you will too.