EdenFantasys $50 Gift Card - UPDATED!

And the winner, per Random.org, is lucky commentor # 5 ...


Congratulations, lady! You've got $50 in EdenFantasys shopping to do!

You know what's coming up, y'all? Valentine's Day. The one day of the year when, if you observe the holiday with your significant other in even the slightest capacity, you're almost guaranteed to ... you know, get some. And I'm not talking about chocolate.*

*Although, I mean, an extra-large heart shaped box of Turtles would totally hit the spot too.

Because who doesn't give it up on Valentine's Day?

Actually, I guess I am talking about chocolate - if you put it in this context:

Friends, meet the Kama Sutra Sweet Heart Chocolate Box.   

Now, those who know me even casually know that there's very little I won't do for some chocolate - and I'm sure I'm not alone. So whoever came up with the idea of combining it with some fun bedroom stuff is pure genius. Chocolate Creme Brulee body souffle, Dark Chocolate body paint and chocolate-flavored Honey Dust (complete with a tickly little feather duster)? That's right up my alley, folks. Chocolatey goodness, come to mama.*

*And Curtis too.

That's what I'm going to be up to this Valentine's Day. Up to my elbows in chocolate, that is!

So what are you gonna be doing? You haven't made plans yet? Well peep this: the good folks at EdenFantasys have graciously provided a $50 gift card to give away. Fifty smackeroos worth of tantalizing goodies, free for the taking. They've got a wide range of stuff, from demure sweet-smelling candles to tools that look like they should be in a mechanic's garage somewhere (think I'm kidding? Check out Bob's Pleasure Object!). And if you're not sure what something is (earrings or torture devices?), the site is SO user-friendly: tons of helpful reviews and tutorials help you choose the perfect accompaniment to an evening in.*

*Or, you know, a romp in the park or something if you're willing to risk getting a ticket.

Anyway, as usual, just leave a comment and you're entered. That's it! No fancy stuff required, although if you wanna let your friends know about the giveaway, that'd be sweet. Because let's face it: Valentine's Day is right around the corner - and who wouldn't want a little V-Day spice?

I'll choose a winner via Random.org next Monday, January 17th - so get to entering!!

PS - IMPORTANT: if you win, I'll need your email address, so be sure it isn't set to noreplycomment@blogger.com! If it is, here's the simple 3-step process to change it:

1. Go to your dashboard and click "edit profile"

2. Check the box that says "show my email address"

3. Save your profile

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