eShakti Clothing Giveaway!

UPDATE: I was going to wait until the morning of June 1st to choose a winner, but I'm kinda gonna be, like, in labor and stuff. So I figure the evening of May 31st will suffice. Anyway, according to, the big eShakti giveaway winner is .........

Commentor #16 ... Clair! YAY CLAIR!!! 

I can't find your email address, so hit me up at ritatempleton(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll get your info. And if I don't hear from Clair in, say, three days or so ... I'll choose another winner.

Thanks for playing, everybody! More giveaways coming soon! :)

I'm tallish, for a girl - 5'8" to be exact. With small boobs and a short torso. And hips that, given too much chocolate, are prone to looking like I'm smuggling two hams in my pants. So sometimes, clothes just fit me weird. Even stuff that looks cute on somebody else looks a little too short on me - or a little too tight in the hips - or a little too roomy in the chest (damn you, genetics!).

If you can sympathize, check this out: imagine a place where you could not only find cute, trendy clothing - but then get it custom-sized to fit your exact body, as though it were tailored specifically for you. And then take that one step further and change the design if you want: say you like this certain dress, but sleeveless is scary? Then slap some sleeves on that sucka. Too short for your liking? Take it below the knee! Less shaving that way!

That's exactly what women's clothing can do for you. Choose from their huge selection of adorable, fashionable stuff and then customize the crap out of it! You'll get exactly what you want, in exactly the right size, and look great all the time. And then you can thank me by sending huge monetary donations my way. Right?

... Right?


Anyway, if this all sounds good to you, it just might be your lucky day. One winner will get to choose anything she wants from the eShakti site (except for the Overstock and Accessories sections) for free! It is as awesome as awesome gets. You'll have until June 1st to enter - and all you have to do is:

- Visit the eShakti website and leave a comment here, telling me what you'd choose if you won, and

- Follow eShakti on Facebook and Pinterest

Then you can win something super-cute, like this:

So get to visiting and following, and then let me know here in the comments section! The winner will  be randomly chosen on June 1st. Good luck y'all!

Glasses USA: "Spec"-Tacular!

I can't see. Like, at all. Rob me of my corrective eyewear, and I turn from a graceful, gliding swan into a chicken with its head cut off. (Okay, so maybe "graceful" and "gliding" aren't the best descriptions, but you get the idea.)

Here I am in various photos with various eyeglasses frames:

Oooh-weee-oooh I look just like Buddy Holly ... 
that's a Green Day reference for anyone unfamiliar.

Typical picture of the boys ... but hey, don't my specs look spec-tacular?

I've worn glasses since I was in the fifth grade. Before that, I had perfect eyesight. So how does one go from 20/20 vision to blind-as-a-bat in the blink of an eye, so to speak? Well, let me tell you the embarrassing true story.

I ruined my own eyesight. On purpose.

I'll let that sink in for a minute, for those of you who thought I was a smart girl. 


When I was eleven, I really reeeeeeally wanted glasses. But it didn't for a moment cross my mind that I could get, you know, non-prescription ones. Oh no. I thought that there was only one way to get them: to fail my eyesight test at school. And that's exactly what I did. I blurred my eyes and pretended I couldn't see. I was stupidly overjoyed when I brought home the "failure letter" for my parents to read, my ticket to glasses-town. 

So like any good mother, she took me to the eye doctor. And like any moronic eleven-year-old who is determined to have glasses, I failed the test. (To this day, I can't imagine how I was that convincing.) Anyway, I got what I asked for. Glasses. 

I couldn't see out of them, of course, but I wore them anyway. And gradually, my perfect eyes adjusted until they could see out of the glasses. But that meant I could no longer see without them. After a few months, I was over the whole "glasses" thing, but alas, my eyesight had other plans for me. And here I am, *coughcough* years old, still wearing them. Ah, the irony.

Anyway, between glasses and contacts, I spend a lot on my precious peepers. So when contacted me, I was interested to check them out. I don't do sponsored posts unless I really and genuinely believe in the service or product they're offering - but I dig GlassesUSA's perks: great-quality frames and lenses, a 110% lowest-price guarantee, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a sweet refer-a-friend program. Plus you can buy your glasses online so you never have to get out of your pajamas - and try out your new look before you buy with their super-fun Virtual Mirror!

If you're cheap thrifty like me, you'll love this: right now you can take 50% off any pair of prescription eyeglasses or sunglass frames, with FREE shipping! Just use the code SPRING50FS. And if you use the code BLOG10, you get 10% off any order of prescription glasses. 'Cause y'all know I wouldn't do this without a little somethin' somethin' in it for you. 

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at and get your eyewear savings on!