Zim's Crack Creme.

No, it's not something for your butt. Or your baby's. No, it's not the street drug for those who prefer their crack in a lovely lotion form. Yes, it sounds hilarious. But y'all? This stuff is AWESOME. It's a naturally-based moisturizer with aloe vera and arnica, and it takes even the most parched skin and gives it a big ol' soothing drink of herbal goodness.

My grandma kept a tube of Zim's Crack Creme on the windowsill above her kitchen sink. If anybody ever needed it, she did; her hands were always submerged in water or dirt, or scrubbing or hoeing or sewing. The woman put my busiest day to shame. But her hands always looked nice. So if Zim's Crack Creme could help her overworked mitts, I knew it could work wonders on mine - which is why I agreed to review it.

I actually received a whole awesome package from the Zim's peeps, including not only the Crack Creme daytime formula but the Crack Creme Original Liquid Formula (it's a light oil that you spray on - I use it at night under my socks), Zim's Max Freeze in both gel and roll-on formulas, and Zim's Maximum Heat Gel. And over the next few weeks, because I'm a total sucker for body care products, I gleefully put them all to good use.

Of course I already knew I'd love Zim's Crack Creme, and I was right. It was just as effective as I remembered. I think my favorite thing about it is that it absorbs so well ... you don't walk around feeling like you're wearing greasy gloves and leaving residue all over everything you touch. It has kind of a spicy scent (it sort of reminds me of cloves) but the smell doesn't last too long - or at least I didn't notice it after a while. That's how all the other products were too: I noticed the scent at first and then it faded away. Even the Zim's Max Freeze and Maximum Heat Gel. They started out all medicine-chest-smelling and then faded to nothing.

Speaking of those, I had kind of an unbelievable experience with the Zim's Max Freeze. A few months ago while doing some kind of crazy push-up at the gym, I injured my shoulder - and it has NOT been the same since. Right from the start it hurt to use it, but recently it had started hurting when I wasn't even doing anything; I'd just be sitting on the couch and my shoulder would start throbbing with this searing pain for absolutely not reason. It would also wake me up at night (as if I needed any more interruptions of sleep!). After about three months with no improvement, worsening pain in fact, I resigned myself to the fact that I'd probably have to see a doctor about it. Anyway, when I got the package from the Zim's peeps, I immediately put the Max Freeze gel on my shoulder. I wasn't overly impressed right away - I mean, it helped, but not in an oh my gosh this is the best product I've ever tried sort of way. Then I tried the roll-on with the same result.

But here's the unbelievable part: my shoulder just stopped hurting after that. Like, even when I wasn't using the Max Freeze, it didn't hurt any more. And now I can use it much better. I'm not going to say that it's 100% back to normal - it still feels a little weak or something - but the difference has been amazing. No more aching! I don't know if that can be attributed to the Zim's Max Freeze, because I'll admit that sounds like a totally lofty claim - but I will tell you that whatever healing took place occurred after I used the product. So take that as you will. Weird, I know!

So here's the deal: Zim's wants to give one lucky reader a package of the same products I reviewed. (Sandal season is coming up soon, y'all, and you'll be thankful for that Crack Creme!) All you've gotta do is "Like" their Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter here, and then let me know in the comments! Easy! I'll choose the winner next Monday (February 4th) so you've got a week.

Good luck!