Sponsored Post: Big W

Big W. I'm not sure what it stands for, but my guess would be "Big Whoppin' Lot of Stuff" or "Big Wonderful Superstore" or "Big Woohooo! When You Save Money." Whatever the W means, it's clearly awesome - because just the site alone makes me jealous I don't live in Australia. 

Yep, I'll never be able to wander the aisles of Big W personally (unless one of my Aussie readers wants to invite me for a nice vacation and then please please can we go to Big W?). But Big W has a website that's just as awesome as its store seems to be. From health and beauty to home and garden, sporting goods to small appliances, microphones to mustache wax, and every little thing in between, it's an online superstore that has literally anything you could ever need (and then some!) at what the store promises are Australia's lowest prices. They don't currently ship to international addresses, but they DO ship to pretty much everywhere in Australia.

I was particularly impressed at the array of toys and video games - seeing as I'm always talked into browsing those products. As the mother of a few avid gamers, I liked the selection of Wii games, Nintendo DS games, and stuff for the Nintendo Wii U which my dudes have perpetually drooled over since it hit the shelves. Besides that, Big W's toy department has tons more fun things, like Lego games and Nerf guns which I vastly prefer the boys to play with. 

... Outside.

If you're shopping Big W online, you'll get free shipping on orders over $120! There's also Online Layby with plans available to suit any budget. And with iPhone and iPad apps, Big W has made it a snap to shop on the go. You'll save big with Big W's huge variety of ever-changing deals (like three DVDs or Blu-Rays for the price of two!) and online-only specials.

So Australians, you're lucky. Take advantage of Big W's awesomeness. For the rest of us who don't live Down Under, we'll just have to make do.

Until you invite us to your house.

We're waiting ...

This has been a sponsored post on behalf of Big W, where I would undoubtedly spend way too much time and money if I lived in Australia. I was reimbursed for this post, but all opinions are mine.