Sponsored Post: Westfield

As I've said before, I'm not usually that much of a fashionista. But put me in a place like Westfield? And I think I could go all-out diva. I mean ... the selection is absolutely massive. With not only everyday clothing, but special-occasion stuff like designer dresses. See?

Put this baby on and the cocktail party will come to you.

The price ranges are as diverse as the selection, so whether you're looking to glam it up on a budget or you've got money to spare - and whether your style is classic or trendy or Lady Gaga - you'll find something you're sure to love.

Unfortunately, I don't live in Australia - and the goodness I speak of in this post is geared toward my Australian friends. So I'll just have to sit here and be jealous.

But if you ARE in Australia - even if you don't live close enough to shop at an actual Westfield Centre - you can still have a selection of over THREE THOUSAND brands and ONE MILLION products at your fingertips via their website. Looking to buy shoes online? It's like being in the biggest, most awesome virtual shoe closet imaginable. Maternity clothes? You got it. Accessories? Kids' stuff? Home items? Movies and music? Yep. Pretty much whatever you could ever want, Westfield has you covered. It's a shopping addict's oasis. (With free delivery on thousands of items! Woot!)

And their sales? Out of this world! I saw designer names like Giuseppe Zanotti, Herve Leger, and Valentino RED - names that even the fashionably challenged such as myself recognize - at HUGE discounts (that even the monetarily challenged such as myself can afford). And speaking of challenged: check out the cool "Style File" tab on the website, which features neat stuff like the Body Shape Calculator, Cost Per Wear Index, and   info on the latest trends. You can even book a stylist for a personal styling session - and they make house calls!

Bottom line is, I was really impressed by the quality and selection (not to mention the helpful tools) on Westfield's website - and I can only imagine that the Westfield Centres are equally sweet. So if you're Australian, consider yourself lucky ... and head on over to shop for some designer dresses and shoes online.

... And remember, it's my birthday in a couple of months. Just sayin'.

This has been a sponsored post on behalf of Westfield. I was reimbursed, but the opinions are mine all mine! You know I wouldn't direct y'all to anyplace that was less than awesome. :)