Giveaway: NeoCell Beauty Bursts

And the winner is ...

Comment #6 ... Jamie! Way to go!

As much as I hate to admit it ... I'm aging, y'all. Visibly. I'm plucking gray hairs left and right. I have perpetual wrinkles on my forehead. And those lines around my eyes don't just appear when I smile any more ... they're kinda there all the time now. I was hoping I'd be one of those women that's like seventy and people are mistaking me for a thirty-year-old, but apparently that's not gonna happen.

So (perhaps after seeing my Instagram selfies and taking pity?) the generous peeps at NeoCell sent me two bags of their delicious Beauty Bursts. A product that will give my body some much-needed anti-aging help AND taste good? Yes please!!

I love these things. I've had collagen in pill, powder, liquid, and lotion, but this method of delivery is by far my favorite because they are YUMMY, especially the Super Fruit Punch variety. They also come in Fresh Mint Chocolate, but I'm a fruit punch type of girl. I really wanted to eat a whole bunch at once, kind of like Starbursts. You only need a couple per day to deliver 2,000 milligrams of beneficial collagen, so I refrained. (Now if I could have that kind of willpower when it comes to cookies.) These babies help build beauty from the inside out.

If you have issues with your hair or nails breaking, you'll definitely want to try Beauty Bursts. Collagen, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin C - which is what these supplements deliver (deliciously!) - are a powerful trio of nutrients that help strengthen and hydrate hair, nails, and skin. I noticed a big difference, especially where my hair and nails are concerned. My once-brittle fingernails are now hard as horse hooves, y'all - and that's a good thing. I've noticed subtle differences in my skin, too, and my hair doesn't seem to fall out as much. (Though it's still going gray in places. Pffft.)

What's even better than my improved forehead wrinkles is that now you too can experience NeoCell Beauty Bursts! They're a fabulous way to do something healthy for yourself and they taste awesome. Win! Soon you'll be on your way to horse-hoof nails and shiny hair and supple skin. All you have to do is this:

1.) "Like" NeoCell on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

2.) Leave a comment below telling me WHY you need these, WHAT flavor you'd choose, AND your email address ... that last part is important for when you WIN!

And that's it! I (well, actually will choose the winner next Wednesday, February 5th. Good luck!

Giveaway: Powerocks Magicstick!

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty dependent on my smartphone. I'm always playing games or looking something up or finding directions or texting or using it as a flashlight or leaving myself a note or taking a photo or checking Facebook or ... well, you know. Important things. Being without my phone is like missing a limb. Or a tooth. Or other stuff I wouldn't want to be without.

I know y'all can relate to the frustration of having a low or dead battery and being away from an outlet. So I was super stoked when Powerocks USA contacted me about reviewing their portable charger, the Magicstick.*

*Go ahead and sing the Lil' Kim/50 Cent lyrics, I'll wait.

This is the one I got, in a pretty hot pink - but they come in a TON of other colors.

As you can see, it's compact and lightweight so it's totally easy to fit it in your purse (or man-purse) or whatever. It came with a little drawstring pouch too - because if your purse is like mine, there are dangerous crumbs and tissue fuzz lurking in there.

The Powerocks Magicstick holds enough power to fully charge most devices twice. It has a couple of different types of openings at the end, so it works for tons of different devices: iPhones, other smartphones, GPS systems, portable game consoles, e-readers and MP3 players. See?

Excuse my weird pudgy-looking hand. Does the camera add ten pounds to hands too? Mine are actually kinda bony in real life. 

The Magicstick also has the neat and convenient feature of a button on the other end that lets you know if it needs to be charged. If it's got power, it'll illuminate blue; if it's running low, it'll be red. So you're never caught away from the house with a dead Magicstick.

Ready to go. Awwwww yeeeeeahhh.

I first put this baby to the test when I went for a marathon grocery shopping trip. I purposely headed out of the house with my iPhone at 5% battery. Since my grocery list is stored on my phone, I needed it at the ready. But I was prepared. I plugged the phone into the Magicstick, kept it all in my purse, and it was all good. I was able to use my phone the whole time, and by the end of it, the phone was fully charged (and had been for a while - this thing is pretty fast).

Trust me: you need this in your life. You may not know you do, but you do. 

Luckily, Powerocks USA has allowed me to choose one lucky winner to receive a Magicstick of their very own! Don't you want one of these sweet devices?

All the colooooorrrrsssss .... *drool*

All you have to do is leave a comment below letting me know the following:

a.) Why you NEED a Powerocks Magicstick (and what color you'd like!)
b.) Your email address (so I can contact you when you win!)

(If you don't want to wait, you can buy your Magicstick here. Or check them out on Facebook or follow them on Twitter!)

I'll choose the winner next Thursday, January 16th - so start commenting! GOOD LUCK!!