belVita #MorningWin Review & Giveaway - $100 Value!

And the winner, per, is .........

#2 ... Christine! Wooohoooo! 

What's your idea of a "morning win?"

For me, it's:
- When nobody decides on the way out the door that they absolutely must go to the bathroom.
- When there are no whines of, "He looked at meeeeee!" and "He's kicking my seeeeeeeeat!"
- When I manage to find every article of everyone's clothing without spending twenty minutes rummaging through a laundry basket.
- When I can feed my kids a breakfast I feel good about, and not have to deal with "Mommy guilt" for loading them up with sugary crap before school.

That last one is where belVita Breakfast Biscuits come in. If you haven't tried them, you totally should - because not only are they freaking delicious (I love every flavor I've tried, which is all of them), they contain 18-20 grams of whole grains, 3 grams of dietary fiber, and are a good source of four energy-sustaining B vitamins and iron. Plus, they contain NO high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, or artificial flavors and sweeteners. They're designed to give you steady energy throughout the morning, which is definitely a morning win!

I was seriously already buying these things in bulk when the belVita peeps contacted me to do a review and giveaway. Did I want my very own belVita #MorningWin Kit, and one to give away, they asked? Uh - YEAH! I'm not exaggerating one iota when I tell you my family loves these things. My kindergartner literally begs me to put one in his backpack for snack every. Single. Day.

Anyway, here's what your awesome belVita #MorningWin Kit ($100 value, y'all!) will contain:

  • Eye mask to help you get a good night’s rest for your morning routine
  • Breath mints to invigorate your morning and prep you for that client meeting
  • Shoe insoles to help you power through a morning run with ease
  • Lint roller to make sure you always look sharp, even after your cat brushes up against your clothes
  • Stain remover stick so you never have to worry about coffee stains
  • Sock organizer clips to ensure a great outfit
  • Double-sided tape for any wardrobe malfunctions
  • Mini deodorant to stay fresh all morning long, even after your morning workout
  • Hand sanitizer to ensure your hands are squeaky clean prior to eating belVita
  • Wet wipes for getting red lipstick off your sweetheart’s face
  • On-the-go nail polish remover for the moments when you need to text, type an email, and remove your nail polish all at the same time
  • belVita Breakfast Biscuit assortment (Soft Baked and Crunchy)

(That last one is my favorite part, because YUM!)

Just leave a comment below telling me your idea of a morning win - and don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you!

You can also follow belVita on Twitter and use the hashtag #MorningWin for your chance to receive a personalized video, 3D virtual trophy or even a real Morning Win trophy! 

I'll choose one lucky winner on Wednesday, February 19th, so start entering!