Review: Cheap Tickets Through ScoreBig!

I'll just come right out and say it: I'm cheap a tightwad thrifty. I mean, you won't find me taking up a checkout line for three hours while I sift out my eight hundred coupons, but there are few things I enjoy more than saving money on whatever I'm buying. And then if I score a sweet deal, telling my friends (i.e., you guys) about it so you too can procure some awesome savings.

Being cheap - er, frugal, I hardly ever fork over the money for tickets to attractions and events. Because y'all? Tickets can be pricey. And I've got four kids. I can't tell you the endless string of Disney-on-Ice-Elmo-Live-awesome-circuses-and-museums-and-amazing-sporting-events we've passed up because it would cost like a bazillion dollars to buy tickets for everyone.

So I'll admit that when ScoreBig contacted me, I didn't even pay attention at first. I mean - in my world, expensive tickets = ramen noodles all month. But then they appealed to me by letting me know that at ScoreBig, you can name your own price for tickets to all sorts of events and attractions.* What whaaaaat?!

*And they gave me a promo code to try it out myself. Which was awesome. Still, this is an honest and unbiased opinion. If it sucked, I'd tell you guys.

"Name your own price" is speaking my language, so I clicked on over to check it out. And I was seriously blown away by the ease (and, okay, fun) of the whole process. You just go to, find the event or attraction you want to go to - sports, concerts, theater, Broadway shows, family shows, and attractions - and make an offer on the tickets. Their little sliding scale lets you know whether or not your offer is likely to be accepted. It's so fun to control your own price, and then when it's accepted you feel all triumphant and discount-savvy and stuff. Try it, seriously.

You find out right away if your offer has been accepted - and you can save up to 60% on tickets! You can choose your seating area and all the seats will be together (no sitting three rows away from your kids and hoping some kindly stranger will make them behave). And then? You get your tickets. FREE SHIPPING, people. It's all kinds of sweet. 

I got tickets to LegoLand Chicago and was totally amazed at the simplicity of it (and also downright entertained by the name-your-own-price feature. I kept putting in different prices to make the meter go up and down just to see how much I could possibly save). I'm so thrilled to have found a place where I might ACTUALLY be able to afford to buy tickets to some fun stuff once in a while. 

Do your fam a favor and check out ScoreBig here. You can also follow ScoreBig on Twitter or "Like" them on Facebook to keep track of deals - and win prizes too!