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My kids like anything with a screen. We have boxes of flashcards and early learning workbooks that my preschooler barely glances at - but put those same things on a computer and he's mesmerized. So I knew that he'd love (partially because he always freaks out at the commercials about it on TV). If your TV, like ours, is perpetually tuned to children's programming, I'm sure this looks pretty familiar.

When the ABCmouse peeps gave me a subscription so I could review it, it was like Christmas up in here with all the excitement. Turns out I was right: my son does love it.

To be honest, I love it too. Because you know that guilt you feel when your kid is playing some mindless video game or watching something dumb on YouTube? Yeah. I don't feel that when he's playing around on ABCmouse. It's all the same things he does in his preschool class: a rich, interactive environment where he can listen to songs, play games, hear stories, work on math skills, practice reading, and much more. And because he has the power to choose exactly what he wants to do and when, he doesn't get bored (like he does when I try to corral him in a corner with some flashcards).

This is a screenshot of his ABCmouse classroom:

See all those places to click and explore? There is an almost-endless variety of stuff to do. You can tailor the lesson to your child's age group or ability level. Their "learning path" guides them through the lessons, and when they finish a section, they get to pick a prize. Along the way, they earn tickets for each activity they complete. My son loves earning tickets - he uses them to buy accessories for his virtual ABCmouse hamster cage. Those hamsters have it made, man.

You can choose from several different teachers, and customize an avatar to look just like your kid - or what your kid wishes he looked like. The site is easy to navigate because when you hover over anything with your mouse, it tells you out loud what it is - so you don't have to stand at the computer and direct each click. Because let's be honest: while it's fun to participate in this kind of activity with your child, it's also fun to have a few minutes to do something without their "help." (Chance for a solo bathroom break, anyone?)

Basically, I can't say enough good things about From toddlerhood through Kindergarten, there's something to keep your kids learning and their brains growing - and making it fun in the process.

So because I love y'all, we're giving away a FREE SUBSCRIPTION TO ABCMOUSE.COM so you can experience it for yourself. All you have to do is:

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