Giveaway: CHOCOLATE GAMES by Gamesformotion!

I have three words for you, folks.

Chocolate. Board games.

As in, board games made of chocolate.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Think of all those times you've been playing Monopoly and thought, "Hmm, this $200 for passing 'go' is nice, but I really wish I'd get some delicious chocolate instead." (Okay ... so even if you've never thought that before, I guarantee you're thinking it now. Because paper money and bragging rights are SO not as awesome as chocolate.)

Anyway, Gamesformotion has come up with a sweet spin on your favorite board games: chocolate editions! In an age where everybody seems to be playing stuff on their phones or video game consoles, it's nice to bring the family to the table for some of the classics. And nothing brings family to the table faster than the promise of chocolate.

The first game we played was, fittingly, Candyland. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Candyland, but instead of the cards, there were milk chocolate pieces - and that's something I can get on board with. We all had a really good time. Especially Colin, who won the grand prize: a huge chocolate token wrapped in shiny gold foil.

I was a little disappointed that the board itself was not made of chocolate, as I had visions of noshing my way through it single-handedly, but whatever. The chocolate pieces were delicious - they're made of the highest-quality Belgian chocolate.

These games are super-new to the U.S. market, and will be available for purchase next month at mass retail stores such as Target and CVS, select SuperValu stores, Kmart,, Meijer and Fred Meyer, Bed Bath & Beyond, and select smaller distributors. Starting at just $9.99, Gamesformotion has chocolate versions of SOOOO many classic favorite games - Twister, Pictionary, Clue, Battleship, Mr. Potato Head, and so many more. They would make PERFECT stocking stuffers ... or, you know, snacks to hide in your closet and eat by yourself when you're craving chocolate.

... Not that I'd know. Ahem.

Anyway, I'm giving away TWO of them (Scrabble and Guess Who?) so jump on this delicious chocolate bandwagon! Just leave a comment below telling me why you neeeeeeed a chocolate game in your life. I'll randomly select a winner one week from today - that's next Friday, October 24th!

Giveaway: PUR Water Filtration

We all know how important it is for our families to drink plenty of water. But there's one little thing.

I'm really picky about water. As in, I don't like it most of the time. "Add lemon!" everybody says, but I'm sorry - if I'm gonna add lemon, I'm also gonna add sugar. And then I've got lemonade and the purpose is defeated.

I only enjoy drinking water if it doesn't taste like it came out of a fifty-year-old garden hose (which, to me, is what most tap water tastes like). There's always bottled water, but the conscientious earth-mother in me is all, "Do you realize how many plastic water bottles are cluttering up our landfills?!"

And that, my friends, is where PUR Water comes in.

Clean drinking water is the foundation of good health. But tap water can contain - are you ready for this? - heavy metals, pharmaceuticals (yes, like medications!), industrial pollutants, chlorine, and microbial cysts (which actually come from animal feces ... OMG I just threw up in my mouth a little). No wonder it tastes funky.

But by using PUR water filtration products with their MAXION technology, designed to provide maximum contaminant reduction, you've always got fresh, clean, great-tasting water at your fingertips. Not only that, but you'll save a ton of money (because bottled water ain't cheap, y'all) and help the planet by reducing some of the 38 BILLION plastic water bottles that are discarded - in the U.S. alone - every single year. I'd call that a definite win-win.

You know who else is picky about water (and that's, like, a total understatement)? PUR's self-proclaimed water critic, Arthur Tweedie. Okay, so he's a little weird, but the guy is obsessed with providing clean, refreshing PUR water to the masses. Check him out in these short clips:

Some might call him a bit ... overzealous, but Arthur Tweedie is just a man on a mission: to share his water expertise, create awareness, and educate people about PUR's superior filtration technology.

And with the help of the generous peeps at PUR (and Arthur Tweedie, of course), I'm spreading a little of that technology - because THREE of you lucky ducks are going to win PUR's newest and hottest product ... something so super-secret that it hasn't even hit store shelves yet!! (I'll be getting one, too, so no more nasty tap water for me! Yay!)

All you have to do is follow Arthur Tweedie on Twitter - and then leave a comment here letting me know (don't forget to leave some contact info!). That's it!

You can also check out Arthur's hilarious blog at, learn more about PUR's technology at, or creep their Facebook page.

And then get ready, because your water is about to be PUR-ified.