Celsius Flo Fusion On-the-Go: Review & Giveaway!

Pop quiz, y'all: what do rapper Flo Rida and your next workout have in common?

No, it has nothing to do with his music (although I regularly shake my booty to his new song, GDFR. Woot woot!). He has actually teamed up with Celsius, manufacturer of fat-burning energy drinks, to create a new pre-workout formula called Flo Fusion. And they asked me to try it out so that I can give you guys the scoop. (I kinda wish Flo Rida himself would have asked me, because hellooooo Flo. *insert lecherous eyebrow waggle*)

Anyway. I was all over that opportunity, because I teach Zumba, and most of my classes are in the evenings - so after a long day, I could definitely use some extra pep in my step to maximize my workouts. I dump one packet of Flo Fusion in with a bottle of water, shake it up, and chug it down. I have the berry flavor, which I like. When I first tasted it I wasn't so sure, but it's one of those tastes that kinda grows on you. It also comes in orange, if you're not a fan of berry.

I'm happy to report that I can definitely feel a difference in my energy level within just a few minutes, and a noticeable increase in stamina during my workout. It isn't a jittery feeling, though, just a nice surge of "let's do this!" Also, I don't notice any "crash" feeling afterward, which is totally a plus.

But the most awesome thing is that Flo Fusion has been clinically proven to significantly boost metabolism, endurance, and fat loss. (Check out the scientific info here.) Not only that, but it's vitamin-enriched and has ...

- no sugar
- no high-fructose corn syrup
- no aspartame
- no preservatives
- no artificial colors or flavors

Here's the good news - this is your chance to win yourself some Celsius Flo Fusion! Just leave me a comment telling me why you need a pre-workout pick-me-up, and then do one of the following via the clickable links below:

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I'll randomly select a winner in one week (so Tuesday, April 14th.) Aaaaaaand, go!!